Preventive Healthcare Tips for Chester County Animals - From Your Malvern Veterinarian

Jan 13, 2016

At Affinity, we’re always working to give your pet a healthy future. But your pet’s healthy tomorrow begins with the right decisions today. That’s why Affinity offers regular preventive testing and recommends wellness care. With regular wellness care, we may be able to detect early signs of illness and implement the proper treatment before a life-threatening event takes place.


Regular testing can immediately provide us with information that is usually only visible after a series of visits. We can establish a baseline for your pet’s health and make sure he or she is staying fit with routine testing. Physical examinations reveal lots of information, but blood testing can be important in detecting the onset of diabetes, liver disease, thyroid disorders, and kidney insufficiency, to name a few. Spotting fluctuations in your pet’s baseline gives us the opportunity to act before a crisis occurs.


To offer our patients the right testing with a quick turnaround, Affinity has partnered with IDEXX, a leading veterinary diagnostic lab. And as soon as IDEXX returns the results, we email them to our clients. We also offer x-rays onsite, with reports from a local board-certified radiologist as part of our standard long-term wellness care examinations. This gives us more chances to uncover serious issues that threaten your pet’s well-being.


Keeping a close watch on your pet’s health is an important part of being a pet owner. At Affinity, we offer you insight and help with your pet needs. With the right testing at the right time, we can take fast action to keep your pet healthy. Schedule an appointment today to talk with us about the long-term benefits of preventive testing and wellness care.


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