Malvern Dogs & Cats - Should Your Pet Be Microchipped?

Nov 14, 2016



Microchipping helps vets and owners find lost pets. In this case, a microchip is a small computer about the size of a grain of rice. We can implant it in your pet at our office in a simple procedure using a sterile needle.


Each microchip has a unique serial number that can be read by a specific kind of electronic scanner. The serial number will then allow someone to check a comprehensive, nationwide database run by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). This database connects your name, address, and telephone number with the serial number on your pet’s chip. Almost every pet shelter and veterinary hospital in the country has one of these scanners, so a microchipped pet can be identified and reunited with their owner no matter where they turn up.


Other benefits to microchipping your pet include:

  • International travel
    • Any pets who travel outside of the United States are required to have a microchip as identification
    • Ownership verification
      • Most applications for lifetime dog licenses require a permanent method of identification, like a microchip
      • Easy updates - We can help you change the information in the AAHA database if you move


Make an appointment today to have your pet microchipped!




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