From Your Malvern Vet - The Many Health Risks Associated With Pet Obesity

Jan 19, 2017

Through a series of various factors like metabolism, diet, and more, certain pets can become dangerously obese. Overweight pets are often at risk for developing conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, and high blood pressure. Excess pounds also place stress and strain on a pet’s ankles and frame, which means overweight pets will likely experience joint pain, arthritis, and ligament injuries. Worryingly, combining a high fat diet with obesity can also trigger pancreatitis, an inflammatory condition that can become life threatening.


It can often be difficult for pets to lose extra weight once they have gained it. Overweight pets commonly experience heat intolerance, respiratory distress, and extreme reluctance to exercise. These issues make it much harder for pets to burn off their extra pounds.


Of course, some animals do regularly grow to be much larger than others. Visit us at Affinity and we can help determine if your pet’s physical condition is appropriate to their breed or if weight loss is necessary. If it is, then we will work with you to develop a strategy to help your pet shed any unneeded pounds.




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