The Affinity Care Plan


As a pet owner, you may have read about or even been offered a “wellness plan” during a recent veterinary visit.  While the premise of a wellness plan is good, most aren’t designed with your individual pet in mind, too often they are loaded with services that your pet may never need, and are too complex with rules and restrictions.


We designed the Affinity Care Plan to be practical, useful, and most importantly – to allow your pet to be seen promptly when you really need it.


Our program is simple:

1. Ask our staff to enroll your pet in the Affinity Care Plan any time.

2. Complete the minimum recommended wellness screens once per year:

  • A Comprehensive Annual Exam with one of our doctors
  • Preventive blood work and parasite screening to monitor your pet’s body system health. This will include a complete blood count, chemistry profile, T4 (thyroid ) level,  heartworm, ehrlichia, lyme and anaplasma test and a fecal screening for intestinal parasites.
  • Any required vaccines that are specifically recommended for your pet’s lifestyle and risks


What this means for you and your companions:

Once your pet is enrolled, should they need additional care during the year, the exam will always be on us.  If you notice that your pet’s not feeling well, keeping you up at night itching, or even the slightest abnormality, we want to be there for you – and the physical exam will always be complimentary.  There is no limit to the number of free examinations we will perform until the next annual physical exam is due. We want to be there for you when you and your pet need us.


We also want to provide solutions to help with scheduling and finances. So in addition to complimentary exams, Affinity Care Plan Pets can always access:

  • Same Day Appointments
  • Complimentary Day Boarding and/or Medical Boarding the night before an exam if you need to drop your pet off for convenience
  • 15% discount off prophylactic dental procedures throughout the entire year
  • Free Home Delivery of Medications

Paired with a basic pet insurance plan, we believe the Affinity Care plan is a great option for pet owners to manage their budget while ensuring they provide the best possible care for their pets.

To find out more about the Affinity Care Plan or to enroll online, please contact us below.


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